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Why Are My Home’s Floors Uneven? 

Ohio homeowners turn to the pros at The Basement Guys to address tough foundation issues, including uneven floors. We’ve repaired thousands of homes, even those with critical foundation issues, and we’re eager to add you to our list of happy customers.

Our expert technicians thoroughly inspect your home, basement, and foundation to diagnose the initial cause of uneven floors. Then, we develop a customized repair solution to address a crawl space issue, foundation settlement, or other structural problems. We seek the least-invasive solution to help stabilize your home.

What Are Uneven Floors? 

Uneven floors are not level and usually indicate uneven settling of a structure’s foundation. In some homes, the floors slant to one side, while others may see floors settle in a “wavy” pattern, with some areas higher than the home’s original level and some lower.

You may also note that doors are sticking and not closing smoothly, cracks in the drywall, especially around the door or window frames, or gaps between the baseboards and flooring. These are all signs that your Ohio home needs foundation repair.

Uneven floors happen when a foundation shifts or settles. They may also be caused by water damage in your crawl space or other issues with the soil around your house and foundation. These issues do not get better over time. Left unaddressed, shifting foundation issues can seriously compromise your home’s structural integrity.

What Causes Uneven Floors? 

Uneven floors may occur for a few reasons:

Foundation Settlement 

When the soil underneath your home’s foundation or concrete slab sinks or shifts, it pulls the foundation down a few inches. Soil shrinkage and sinking are not uniform, so some parts of the foundation may end up lower than others. Usually, soil shrinkage and expansion are due to elemental factors like drought or heavy rain.

Floor Joists Failing 

If your house has a crawl space, the subfloor and floor joists may deteriorate over time. Moisture damage in crawl spaces can build us, using wood rot, which, in turn, causes sagging floors. Preventing these issues includes properly encapsulating your home’s crawl space and regular inspections for indications of wood rot, mold, and moisture incursion. Professional crawl space encapsulation prevents moisture buildup and strengthens your floor joists.

Structural Issues in Your Basement 

Structural issues in your home’s basement will affect the flooring of the structure above. You may notice shearing or bowing wallsbasement floor cracks, or water damage (if your basement smells like wet newspaper, it’s an indication of mold and mildew).

Poor Foundation Drainage 

Proper soil drainage around your house and foundation prevents the ground from being saturated with water. Waterlogged ground expands, and the excess water can find its way into your structure, especially if there are cracks or a compromised foundation. This hydrostatic pressure may cause cracks in the foundation walls or slab floor, leading to uneven floors above.

For a permanent fix, The Basement Guys must first identify the specific cause or causes of the issue. Then, we develop a custom fix for improving the stability and safety of your house and its foundation.

Can Uneven Floors Be Repaired? 

Yes, but for the best results, the underlying cause (hydrostatic pressure, foundation damage, drainage issues, etc.) must be addressed first. How we fix uneven floors depends on the structure’s foundation.

How to Fix Uneven Floors 

The Basement Guys can restore all foundation types, using proven methods and our expertise to lift, stabilize, and level your uneven floors. Our process goes like this:

We may also install a network of foundation piers to transfer and redistribute the house’s weight, stabilizing the home on denser strata or bedrock. Then, we can repair the cosmetic damage from the uneven flooring.

Why Fix Uneven Floors Now? 

Besides making your home look nicer, there are a few critical reasons to address uneven floor issues immediately:

  • Prevent further structural damage
  • Improve safety indoors by reducing trip hazards
  • Preserve your home’s value
  • Restore peace of mind, knowing your home is safe and stable
  • Solve related problems, like sticking doors or cracks in the drywall 

The Basement Guys has the knowledge and technology to permanently fix uneven flooring, no matter how bad the damage is. Call us today for a free quote!

Contact The Basement Guys for Uneven Floor Repair

Have you noticed uneven or sloping floors in your house? Don’t delay calling for a professional evaluation. Problems with your house’s structure and foundation will only get worse over time, making your home less stable.

We offer a free, no-obligation estimate for foundation repair and uneven floor fixes. Call us today or fill out our online contact form to get started!


Uneven floors indicate underlying foundation issues, like settlement and structural instability, especially if the unevenness is significant or worsens over time. Call the Basement Guys® for a free inspection to determine the cause of uneven floors and whether the foundation is the culprit.

Uneven floors may not cause immediate danger, but they can lead to safety risks, particularly if the unevenness is severe. Addressing the underlying cause of uneven floors is important to prevent further structural damage and maintain a safe living environment. Contact a foundation repair expert for a free inspection to diagnose the cause of your home’s uneven floors.

Fixing uneven floors requires professional inspection, diagnosis, and repair. DIY attempts to level floors without addressing underlying foundation problems will not resolve the issue and could worsen structural instability over time. Contact The Basement Guys® for safe and permanent floor leveling.

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