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What Can I Do About Floor Cracks In My Ohio Home? 

Cracks in your basement or lower-level floor are more than just an unsightly cosmetic flaw. If your floor has cracks, even fine hairline ones, it’s necessary to schedule professional repairs right away. The longer you ignore the problem, the more extensive (and expensive!) the damage gets.

Over time, the foundation problems that cause cracked floors compromise the structural integrity of the entire house. Groundwater and environmental moisture seep in through the cracks, creating conditions where mold flourishes. This, in turn, compromises your indoor air quality and can make people and pets sick.  

At The Basement Guys, we use only the best materials to repair foundations and solve your cracking floor problems. Our techs are trained to use industry-leading techniques to accurately diagnose foundation issues and properly solve them the first time. We’re Ohio’s trusted foundation repair specialists. See why when you call us for a free, no-obligation estimate.

What Are Floor Cracks? 

Floor cracks are just what they sound like: any break, fissure, hairline fracture, or separation in your home’s flooring. Cracks may be caused by a few different things, chief among which is a problem with your foundation. General structural issues and presumed imbalances are also common reasons your floors may crack.

Besides looking terrible and possibly being a trip hazard, floor cracks create a host of other problems, like:

Not every crack in your floor is a serious concern, but if you don’t address them soon, they easily could be. Fixing the underlying issue and then repairing the crack can prevent water damage and further problems with your Ohio home’s structure.

What Causes Floor Cracks? 

The experts from The Basement Guys will thoroughly inspect your home and foundation to pinpoint the cause of the cracked floor. Some of the common reasons we see this type of damage are:

Material Shrinkage 

Concrete is one of the most popular types of flooring due to its durability and ease of installation. As it cures, though, it may shrink unevenly, forming cracks. These may not be structurally alarming, but it’s important to deal with them while they’re small before water has a chance to infiltrate the structure and damage it.

Excessive Load 

Be mindful of your floors’ weight-bearing capacity before placing heavy objects, like a piano, large appliances, a safe, or other heavy furniture. This may create uneven pressure on the floor, leading to cracks.

Ground Movement 

Rain, drought, heavy snow, or erosion all change the soil conditions around and beneath your house. Over time, these changes and movements cause the flooring to shift, crack, or otherwise display irregularities.

Soil Type 

The clay-based expansive soil that’s common in central and southern Ohio expands when waterlogged and shrinks when dry. This makes the strata your home sits on less sturdy. The more unstable the soil becomes, the greater the chances your home will shift and its floors will crack.

Foundation Heave 

Water accumulating in the soil under your house causes pressure beneath the floors. This, in turn, causes foundation heaving, upward pressure that triggers cracks. Left untreated, the pressure can widen hairline cracks, creating water damage in your house.

Before we recommend fixing the cracks in your home’s floor, we need to properly diagnose the underlying cause. We treat that using industry-leading technology and methods so we can put the right plan in place.

Can Floor Cracks Be Repaired? 

Yes, and The Basement Guys are ready to tackle even the largest cracks. We use modern technology to target specific areas for repair, striving to avoid the need to completely replace the floor.

A DIY fix may seal the existing cracks, but without taking steps to eliminate the initial cause, you’ll just see more and more cracks over time.

The Basement Guys evaluate the location, pattern, size, and nature of the cracks to determine the appropriate steps for repair. Our custom foundation solutions are why we’re Ohio’s top choice for floor crack repair.

The Basement Guys Floor Crack Repair Strategy 

Sturdier Ohio homes, happy homeowners, and foundations that can withstand just about anything – that’s what you get with The Basement Guys. We provide fast, friendly service, close attention to detail, and the highest levels of professionalism.

Here’s our approach: 

Detailed Inspection 

Our initial home inspection includes noting the location, size, and pattern of the cracks. This way, we understand what’s causing them and how to fix them.

Weight Redistributing Solutions 

If soil movement is causing the instability, we place specialized foundation piers at strategic locations, driving them deep into the ground, usually to the bedrock. These piers redistribute the weight of the house and, because they’re on more stable strata, keep it steady. Our goal is usually to return the affected floor to its original level.

We use helical, slab, and push foundation piers. Each one has a specific purpose so we may use just one type or a combination of the three.

Wall Reinforcement 

Reinforcing bowing basement walls may help address the underlying reason for the floor cracks, as often, your home’s walls are affected by the same pressures that caused the cracks in the floor. Our basement repair methods include steel I-beams, carbon fiber straps, channel anchors, and wall anchors.

Water Management 

If your home’s problems are caused by hydrostatic pressure, reducing the heave and moisture penetration is critical. We employ basement waterproofing and, if applicable, crawlspace encapsulation solutions for more effective water management. Our solutions include dehumidifiersvapor barrierssump pumps, and interior drains to keep water out of your house.

Why Address Floor Cracks Promptly 

The longer you delay attending to floor cracks in your house, the more likely you’ll suffer significant foundation damage. Some reasons to take immediate action include:

  • Consistent pressure means rapid expansion of the cracks
  • Rick of serious structural issues
  • Water seeps into your home, damaging the structure and creating mold growth

The longer cracked floors and foundation issues go unaddressed, the more expensive the repairs often are. The damage is worse and, in some cases, may be irreparable.

Many people don’t think about their home’s foundation until there’s a serious problem. Knowing the signs of foundation issues, like cracks in the floor, can help you avoid a serious problem in your house. Choose The Basement Guys for reliable repairs that go beyond surface solutions.

Contact The Basement Guys for Expert Floor Crack Solutions

Floor cracks are a clue that there’s a serious problem with your house’s structure. They won’t get better over time, so call The Basement Guys today to learn more about our solutions for unstable foundations. We offer free estimates for all repairs.


Yes, floor cracks can indicate underlying foundation problems. Contact the Basement Guys® for an inspection to learn whether your home’s structural integrity is jeopardized.

Floor cracks are dangerous if they compromise structural integrity. Contact The Basement Guys® for an inspection to learn whether your home’s floor cracks are dangerous.

Fixing floor cracks on your own is possible for minor cracks, but it won’t address underlying causes of damage. The Basement Guys® offer free inspections to determine whether the floor cracks and gaps are jeopardizing your home’s structural integrity.

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