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Crack In Foundation Wall

Your home’s foundation walls are meant to hold your home upright, and while a few hairline cracks may be simply normal concrete shrinkage, larger cracks can be a sign of serious problems.

Beyond the ugly aesthetic, cracks in the basement or foundation walls indicate that the foundation itself may be shifting. Properly diagnosing important structural problems and getting a professional estimate of the repairs needed can keep your home safe and sound.

The Basement Guys is Ohio’s trusted foundation expert, specializing in stabilizing shaky foundations and repairing the damage that shifting foundations cause. Our years of experience, professional training, and customer-focused service make us the first choice for Ohio homeowners with foundation problems.

Do you need a professional inspection of the cracks in your foundation wall? We offer customized repair solutions for any foundation issue, no matter how serious.

What Are Cracks in Foundation Walls? 

Foundation wall cracks vary from barely visible hairline cracks to substantial fissures. You may see them on the interior or exterior of the supporting walls of your home. Although some cracks may simply be from the pressure of poured concrete settling and fairly benign, usually when cracks start appearing in the foundation wall, it indicates more serious structural issues.

Other common signs of foundation damage include:

Addressing foundation problems as soon as you notice them can save you a lot of time and money and prevent serious, possibly irreparable, structural damage.

What Causes Cracks in Foundation Walls? 

Foundation wall cracks may have a few sources, like:

  • Settling Foundation: As the soil beneath your home settles and shifts, it may not provide adequate support for the house’s foundation. This uneven support often causes cracks in the foundation.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Accumulated groundwater permeates the soil and can push against the foundation walls, which can lead to bowing and cracking.
  • Expansive Soils: Ohio’s clay-rich soils naturally shrink and swell as their moisture levels change. Which creates intense pressure on concrete foundation walls, causing cracks to form.

For an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of foundation wall cracking, turn to The Basement Guys. We offer a thorough inspection performed by a trained professional—all absolutely free! We’ll present our findings to you and inform you of the best repairs to address your foundation crack issues.

Can Cracks in Foundation Walls Be Fixed? 

Yes, cracking foundation walls can be repaired. But foundation work isn’t a DIY project. For the best, longest-lasting results, you need more than just a sealant kit from your local hardware store.

If the root cause of foundation cracks isn’t addressed, the cracks will keep forming, and the structural damage will get worse. Trust your local professionals, The Basement Guys, to fix the real problem! We get it right the first time.

Steps to Repair Cracks in Foundation Walls: The Basement Guys Approach

We provide a few effective solutions, each one intended to address a specific cause for foundation wall cracks.

Professional Evaluation 

Our first step is a thorough, professional evaluation of your home’s foundation, surrounding soil, and overall structure. Once we’ve completed this, we can offer the right repair recommendations.

Install Foundation Repair System 

Our approach often includes multiple repair solutions based on the extent of the damage. Our pro solutions include:

  • Foundation PiersFoundation piers correct problems caused by the foundation settling. The piers are driven deep into the ground, to the bedrock for the greatest stability. We use a combination of helical, slab, and push piers to permanently stabilize your house and lift a settling foundation.
  • Basement Wall Repairs: If the cracks are caused by hydrostatic pressure, then the walls need to be reinforced to protect them from further cracking and movement. We use a combination of steel I-beams, carbon-fiber reinforcements, and wall anchors to counteract the pressure on the wall.

Waterproof Walls 

Cracked foundation walls allow unwanted moisture to permeate, causing even more structural damage. Once we’ve reinforced the structure, we waterproof the basement and crawlspace walls to avoid more moisture-related issues.

Monitor and Maintain 

Regular inspections are part of our recommended preventative maintenance for residential foundations. We offer an annual maintenance and service plan to prevent future foundation wall issues.

Why Act Now to Repair Foundation Wall Cracks? 

Taking action now prevents big problems in the future. Why?

  • Moisture seeps into the cracks, creating an environment for damaging mold to form
  • The longer cracks are neglected, the larger and more difficult they are to fix
  • Cracked foundation walls impact the overall structural integrity of your house
  • Shifting foundations cause doors and windows to stick

Don’t suffer the consequences of delayed foundation repair. Call The Basement Guys today for a free, no-obligation inspection and repair quote.

Contact The Basement Guys for Permanent Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Visible foundation wall cracks often indicate more problems that you can’t see. These hairline fissures and larger fractures can cause trouble for your Ohio home. When you see a crack or fissure in your foundation wall, inside or out, it’s time to call The Basement Guys to check it out.

We’ve been taking care of homes in Ohio for many years, focusing on long-lasting repair solutions. We treat your home as if it were our own and use only the best technology, tools, and materials to complete our foundation wall repairs. Call today for a free estimate.


Foundation wall cracks usually indicate underlying foundation issues, like settlement, soil shifting, or water pressure. Investigate the cause and severity of the cracks with a free inspection from The Basement Guys® to determine the extent of the problem.

Cracks in the foundation wall jeopardize the structural integrity of the building and allow water infiltration, compromising foundation stability, and leading to further damage if left unaddressed. Contact The Basement Guys® for a free inspection to prevent these potential safety risks.

DIY foundation wall crack repair is not recommended because it can be dangerous. Contact The Basement Guys® for a free inspection to accurately diagnose the cause of the cracks and to create a customized repair plan to ensure a permanent solution for your home.

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