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Foundation Repair

Problems with your home’s foundation can cause it to sink and cause damage to the overall structure. Ohio’s changing weather conditions, heavy rain and snow, and the harsh summer sun all contribute to shifting soil, which, in turn, may make your foundation less stable. 

Don’t risk serious damage to your most valuable investment. Turn to The Basement Guys for help with even the most complex foundation repairs. Our years of experience in the foundation repair business and thorough knowledge of the main causes of foundation issues in Ohio make us experts. We have the expertise, tools, and training to tackle any foundation repair concern. 

Keeping your home’s foundation in good repair is critical for preserving its longevity. We employ industry-leading foundation repair techniques adapted to the unique challenges of Ohio soil and weather conditions. The Basement Guys create long-term solutions—not cheap “quick fixes” that don’t last. From cracks to settlement and other structural problems, we develop a repair that addresses the root cause of the problem. 

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Know the Signs of Foundation Damage

Cracks in the foundation or a shifting foundation only get worse over time. Not only will the structure it supports need repair, but over time, the entire home may become unsafe for you and your family. 

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Under My Home

Protect Your Home With Foundation Repair

If you note one or more foundation problems signs, you must fix them before they get worse and cause more damage to your house. Our foundation repair service protects your home and keeps your family safe.

How The Basement Guys Repair Your Home’s Foundation

Although many house foundation repairs happen for one of a handful of reasons, the specific reason your home’s foundation is failing is unique. We carefully evaluate the root cause of the foundation issue so we know the extent of the problem and damage. Then, we develop the best solution to tackle the issue, incorporating one or more professional solutions for your property. 

Wall Stability Solutions

Permanently Stabilize Walls

What We Do

Check your interior and exterior walls for signs of foundation issues. Vertical or diagonal cracks may appear in the drywall, or you may note stair-step cracks along the home’s foundation or brick siding. These aren’t just unsightly signs of damage—they indicate serious issues with the walls’ stability. Stabilizing the walls is our first step, anchoring them into proper alignment and reinforcing them so they stand strong. 

What We Use

Solid Floors, Strong Homes

Permanently Stabilize Floor Framing System

What We Do

Sagging, bouncing, or otherwise uneven flooring isn’t just normal wear and tear on a home. In fact, these are indications that you have serious problems, and you need to act fast to repair them. Don’t spin your wheels with an inferior repair. Trust The Basement Guys to install top-quality supports exactly fitted to your foundation and put an end to uneven and sagging floors.

What We Use

Foundation Fortification

Permanently Stabilize Perimeter Foundation

What We Do

We ensure ongoing floor stability using a combination of adjustable jacks and reinforcements, perfectly placed using our engineering expertise.

What We Use

We help protect everything you love, starting with your home’s foundation.

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Don’t allow a compromised foundation to permanently damage your Ohio home. Trust The Basement Guys to deal with foundation settling, cracks, and other issues. We help preserve your home’s structural integrity and value with superior foundation repair services.

Our friendly customer care team can explain our services and what to expect with the foundation repair process. We’ll also book a complimentary inspection!

We send a certified inspector to examine the specific problems with your foundation. They determine the root cause or causes and develop a customized plan to set things right. We work with your budget and schedule so your repair is completed satisfactorily.

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Sagging floors indicate structural issues that will worsen over time, potentially leading to further foundation and structural damage, and safety risks.

The exact percentage of homes with foundation problems varies by region and home age; however, it is estimated that around 25% of homes in the United States experience foundation problems. Soil conditions, climate, and construction quality influence these numbers.

A foundation is unfixable in extreme cases of severely compromised structural integrity or when repair costs outweigh the value of the property. However, most foundation issues can be addressed through professional repair methods, like piers and wall reinforcements.

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