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Intellijack Crawl Space Jacks

IntelliJack™ support posts are an industry-leading choice to address the issues caused by an unstable foundation. Problems with your home shifting or growing issues with sagging floors can be fixed with the help of The Basement Guys, professional crawl space and foundation repair experts in Ohio.

Support posts for a permanent fix for sagging, bouncy floors

A sagging or bouncy floor above your Ohio home’s crawlspace indicates a potential issue with stability and possibly the foundation of your home.

Uneven or bouncy floors are a serious structural problem that worsens over time. If left untreated by a professional, your home’s safety could be at risk, posing potential danger to its occupants.

Moreover, crawl space issues aren’t just a safety hazard. They also lead to other damages to your house, such as cracks in the walls or beneath the baseboard molding, and sticking doors or windows.

What causes sagging, bouncy floors?

At The Basement Guys, we provide comprehensive inspections of your Ohio crawl space, identifying construction flaws causing sagging or bouncy floors. We then devise appropriate solutions.

Reasons for sagging floors above the crawl space include:

  • Long spans: If floor joists are too short or thin, they may sag under the weight of furniture and people.
  • Missing mid-span support: Joists usually rely on foundation walls and a central beam. Without this beam, joist issues intensify.
  • Sunken or damaged piers: If not installed or maintained properly, foundation piers can fail, causing support beams and floor joists to sag.

The Solution to Sagging, Bouncy Floors: IntelliJack™ Adjustable Posts

IntelliJack™ crawl space jacks provide a durable solution for the support issues in your house. They’re installed beneath the beam or beams that hold up the home’s crawl space joists. Each IntelliJack™ post stands on a concrete pad for added stability and is installed over a compacted stone base.

Unlike wooden piers that can rot or shift, or masonry piers that can settle, IntelliJack™ structural support systems are resilient. Each IntelliJack™ post is coated with a thick galvanized layer to protect against rust, offering long-lasting support for your house and fixing issues like bouncy, sagging floors.

Reach out to The Basement Guys for a free estimate on IntelliJack™ crawl space jack installation and to get more information on this effective foundation support system.


Crawl space jacks are worth it if your home has sinking or uneven floors. These jacks prevent further structural damage and ensure continued safety and longevity.

Whether crawl space jacks are necessary depends on the severity of structural issues in the foundation, but they can significantly improve sagging or settling floors and maintain structural integrity.

Installing crawl space jacks is best left to professionals to ensure permanent structural support for the home. Crawl space jacks must be installed using proper techniques and tools to ensure a permanent outcome. Contact The Basement Guys® to get a free inspection.

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