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Crawl Space Insulation

Walking on a cold floor or entering a drafty room is never a pleasant experience. But did you know that excess moisture in your crawl space might be causing these problems? Insulating this part of your home creates a drier and healthier living space and could save you money on your energy bills. 

The Basement Guys’ AquaStop™ ExTremeBloc™ Crawl Space Insulation reduces heat loss in your home and prevents moisture from causing issues such as mold growth and structural damage. Learn more below. 


Crawl Space Insulation Explained

Crawl space insulation keeps the space underneath your home warm and free from moisture. AquaStop™ ExTremeBloc™ is an effective insulation solution because it controls the moist conditions that are typical in properties in Ohio.

For even more protection against moisture, we suggest combining insulation with crawl space encapsulation. Together, these methods can reduce high humidity, enhance air quality, and lower energy bills. 

Signs You Need Crawl Space Insulation

We recommend insulating your crawl space if you notice any of these issues:

  • Cold floors in the winter
  • Higher-than-usual energy costs
  • A musty smell
  • Mold
  • High humidity
  • Pest infestations
  • Allergy or asthma flare-ups
  • Rotting wood
  • Sagging floors

These signs indicate moisture problems in your crawl space that can lead to more serious complications in the future.

Is Crawl Space Insulation Necessary? 

We believe that insulating your crawl space protects your home and loved ones. For example, AquaStop™ ExTremeBloc™ prevents mold growth that might impact your family’s health. 

DIY methods are no replacement for our professional services. Insulating a crawl space yourself comes with all kinds of risks, while the so-called “solutions” you find in the store won’t provide adequate moisture protection.

Different Types of Crawl Space Insulation

The most popular ways to insulate a crawl space are:

Fiberglass Insulation 

Fiberglass insulation involves installing a soft material between the floor and rim joists in your crawl space to control the temperature of the floor above. Unfortunately, this method is extremely vulnerable to moisture, mold, and pests. 

sprayfoam insulation

Spray Foam Insulation 

Applying spray foam to crawl space walls and joints can block extreme temperatures. However, this technique often leads to mold growth and pest infestations, making other insulation types more effective. 

Foam Board Insulation 

A better alternative for crawl spaces is foam board insulation, such as ExTremeBloc™. This method involves fitting large, pre-cut panels of thermal foam board to the internal walls of your crawl space, boosting heat retention. 

Advantages of Crawl Space Insulation

Letting a professional insulate your crawl space provides the following benefits:

  • Moisture Management: Crawl space insulation stops moisture from entering your home, preventing mold, pests, and other issues. 
  • Better Energy Efficiency: With insufficient insulation, your heating and cooling systems work harder, resulting in higher bills. Insulating your crawl space keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, improving energy efficiency. 
  • More Indoor Comfort: Crawl space insulation makes your home feel more comfortable by keeping floors at the right temperature. Insulating this part of your home can also improve air quality. 

How We Install Crawl Space Insulation 

Our unique approach to installing insulation in your crawl space is as follows: 

Why Our Crawl Space Insulation is the Best Choice in Ohio

The Basement Guys’ ExTremeBloc™ foam board insulation offers these features:

  • Lightweight, durable panels. 
  • Constructed from environmentally friendly materials. 
  • Class A fire rating. 
  • Made with a graphite-infused, expanded polystyrene structure. 
  • Covered with a radiant heat barrier. 
  • Deters pests. 
  • Offers a high R-value, guaranteeing exceptional thermal resistance. 
  • Designed to be moisture-resistant. 
  • Installed with a gap for better pest control. 

Get Premium Crawl Space Insulation Solutions From The Basement Guys

We have the right tools and technologies to properly insulate your crawl space, including AquaStop™ ExTremeBloc™. With over two decades of experience, we help Ohio homeowners like you create drier and healthier living environments. 

Looking for reliable crawl space insulation? Book a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate now.


Crawl space insulation is worth installing because it helps improve energy efficiency, reduce heating and cooling costs, and prevent moisture-related issues in your home.

Whether crawl space insulation is necessary depends on various factors such as climate, local building codes, and the design of your home, but it can significantly enhance comfort and protect against potential damage from temperature fluctuations and moisture.

Installing crawl space insulation on your own is possible, but we don’t recommend it. When installed incorrectly, it can allow temperature changes in the crawl space that leads to high energy bills. The Basement Guys® offer free inspections and expert installation for moisture control that keeps your home and indoor air healthy.

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