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Sidewalk Repair

The Basement Guys have various concrete lifting and leveling solutions for cracked and sinking sidewalks on your property.
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Cracked and sinking sidewalks don’t just ruin your property’s aesthetics. If not addressed, these concrete surfaces can cause serious injuries that risk your family’s safety.

Thankfully, The Basement Guys have multiple concrete lifting and leveling solutions to repair and protect this area of your home, including our SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ system. These lightweight, durable polyurethane injections quickly lift and stabilize your concrete slabs!

It’s time to unlock the full potential of your property’s sidewalks with our comprehensive concrete repair service!

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What Is Concrete Sidewalk Repair?

Repairing your sidewalks reduces the hazards of cracked, sunken, or otherwise damaged concrete slabs.

Mud jacking and repouring concrete are two traditional ways to repair sidewalks. However, these methods are expensive, only provide a temporary solution, and don’t address the root cause of concrete damage.

Sidewalks can deteriorate for various reasons, such as unstable and expansive underlying soil. Our concrete lifting process will identify the cause of your damaged sidewalk and use the latest technologies to resolve this problem, such as our advanced PolyRenewal™ system. This powerful, environmentally friendly, and fast-acting remedy fixes misaligned sidewalk slabs, making your property a safer place.

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Signs Concrete Sidewalks Need Repair

Call in professionals like The Basement Guys if you notice any of these problems with your sidewalk:

● Extensive cracks and fissures wider than ¼ inch

● Uneven, sinking, or tilted slabs

● Significant height differences between slabs

● Slabs that shift or rock when you step on them

● Similar damage like pitting, flaking, and staining

● Pooling water or mud on your sidewalk

Is Concrete Sidewalk Repair Necessary?

Acting swiftly can prevent damaged sidewalks from compromising your family’s safety. The longer you put off concrete repair, the more likely someone will have an accident.

Investing in concrete lifting solutions now might also save you money. That’s because repairing your sidewalk prevents further decay and sinking, helping you avoid expensive bills in the future. In addition, immediately addressing sidewalk problems can preserve your home’s foundations.

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Concrete Sidewalk Repair Benefits

Advantages of fixing concrete sidewalk issues include:

Better Safety and Accessibility

Lifting uneven sidewalk slabs prevents trip hazards, increasing the safety of everyone who lives in and visits your home. Sealing joints and filling cracks create a smoother walking surface that increases accessibility to your property.

Avoid Further Damage

Water can accumulate in cracked and broken sidewalk slabs, eroding the soil beneath it. Stabilizing soil prevents concrete from deteriorating further.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Lifting and leveling your sidewalk improves your property’s aesthetics and can even increase the value of your home.

How We Repair Concrete Sidewalks

Some of the ways The Basement Guys fix concrete sidewalk problems include:

● Inspecting your sidewalk, determining the cause of damage, and identifying the right repair solutions.

● Lifting concrete slabs and stabilizing underlying soil.

● Applying protective sealant to cracks and joints.

● Implementing annual maintenance and monitoring protocols.

man fixing a cracked sideway with a tool

Why Our Concrete Sidewalk Repair is the Best Choice

Our PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system comes with multiple features and benefits:

● Precision: The PolyRenewal™ system provides accurate lifting and stabilization.
Non-Invasive: Our system doesn’t require heavy installation machinery or extensive excavation.
Lightweight: The foam in the system weighs considerably less than other concrete or mud jacking materials.
● Speedy: The foam cures in only 15 minutes, minimizing disruption to your day-to-day life.
● Durability: Our system is designed to resist environmental pressures, providing long-lasting results.
● Versatility: Suitable for use on various concrete surfaces.
● Eco-Friendly: Made from environmentally friendly materials.
● Discreet: Offers seamless, virtually invisible repairs.
● Maintenance Assurance: Our annual maintenance plan lets you maintain your sidewalk for years to come.

We help protect everything you love, starting with your home’s foundation.

Get Custom Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Ohio Now!

For more than 20 years, The Basement Guys have provided homeowners in the Greater Cleveland and Columbus metro areas with the highest-quality sidewalk repair solutions, including our innovative PolyRenewal™ system.

Looking for concrete sidewalk repair contractors you can trust? Get in touch for a 100% free, no-obligation estimate and inspection.


Sidewalk repair is worth it because it enhances safety, curb appeal, and property value. Fixing cracks, uneven surfaces, and other damage reduces pedestrian safety risks. Contact The Basement Guys® to ensure opitmal repair results.

Yes, sidewalk repair is necessary. Neglecting cracks, settling, or other damage can create trip hazards, especially for those with mobility issues, and may lead to legal liabilities or fines due to property regulations. Contact The Basement Guys® to ensure your property remains safe and secure.

Minor sidewalk repairs, such as filling minor cracks, can be performed by homeowners, but complex repairs are best left to professionals. Sidewalk repair requires specialized equipment, materials, and expertise to ensure optimal leveling, drainage, and adherence to local building codes. Major repairs without expertise can lead to subpar results, additional costly damage, and potential safety hazards. Contact The Basement Guys® for a free inspection and repair quote.

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