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Basement Dehumidifier

A humid basement is the perfect environment for mold growth, which can affect your family’s health. It can also weaken your property’s structural integrity, resulting in expensive repair bills.

So how can you prevent these problems? The AquaStop™ Basement Air System fights against humidity in your basement, ensuring a dry and safe living space. It’s just one of the basement waterproofing solutions available from The Basement Guys, proudly serving Ohio. Learn more below. 

What is the AquaStop™ Basement Dehumidifier?

The AquaStop™ Basement Air System is an advanced dehumidification and filtration system that tackles high humidity levels in basements. It extracts up to 100 pints of water daily and circulates over 300 cubic feet of dry air every minute, making it a must-have for removing moisture from your downstairs space.

With its compact design, the AquaStop™ Basement Air System waterproofs your basement area, encouraging a drier and more comfortable living environment.

When Do You Need a Dehumidifier?

Consider a dehumidification and filtration system like AquaStop™ Basement Air System if you notice any of these issues in your basement:

  • High humidity
  • Mold growth
  • Efflorescence on walls or floors
  • Musty odors
  • Leaks and water presence
  • Wet walls
  • Condensation or leaks in windows

Identifying these problems early can prevent further damage to your basement.

Is a Basement Dehumidifier Necessary?

The AquaStop™ Basement Air System removes moisture from your basement, protecting your home’s structural integrity and preventing mold growth.

While some homeowners in Ohio might try to control basement humidity levels themselves, our dehumidification system and installation service is the most effective way to keep your basement dry and safe.

Benefits of Our Basement Air System

Advantages of the AquaStop™ Basement Air System include:

  • Moisture Control: Quickly reduce humidity with this product’s 100-pint per day capacity.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Benefit from superior energy efficiency compared to other brands.
  • Effective Mold Prevention: Stop mold growth by maintaining humidity below 60%.
  • Odor Elimination: Get rid of musty smells by filtering and dehumidifying the air.
  • Comprehensive Home Benefits: Prevent moisture from traveling to upper floors by controlling basement humidity.

How Does Our Basement Air System Work?

Here’s what our professional waterproofing experts do when installing the AquaStop™ Basement Air System in your home:

  • Carry out a detailed inspection of your basement and assess humidity levels
  • Install a vapor barrier to cover the basement walls 
  • Add an interior drainage system
  • Position a sump pump in your basement’s lowest point
  • Connect internal drains to the sump pump
  • Position the dehumidifier for optimal air circulation
  • Connect the air unit to drain tiles or a condensate pump
  • Program digital controls for your ideal settings
  • Conduct testing to confirm moisture removal

We know that no two homes in Ohio are the same. So, our technicians tailor waterproofing solutions and installation services based on your property’s unique needs.

Why the AquaStop™ Basement Air System is Your Best Choice

Our basement dehumidification system stands out from similar products on the market because it:

  • Removes up to 100 pints of moisture per day — more than consumer models
  • Draws water automatically with its self-draining design
  • Pushes 300+ cubic feet of dry air per minute
  • Maximizes energy efficiency and performance
  • Is specially engineered for basements, unlike standard retail dehumidifiers
  • Fits in confined spaces without compromising power, thanks to its compact design
  • Comes with comprehensive warranties and maintenance plans

Contact Us for the Ultimate Basement Dehumidification Solution in Ohio

A Groundworks worker shaking hands with a satisfied customer.

The Basement Guys’ basement dehumidifier prevents mold, preserves your home’s structural integrity, and creates a healthier and safer living environment.

With over 20 years of experience in basement waterproofing, our expert team can install this solution in your property and remove unwanted moisture from the air. Schedule a free inspection and estimate now!


Yes, basement dehumidifiers are worth installing because they control humidity levels, prevent mold and mildew growth, and improve indoor air quality. They are particularly beneficial in damp environments or during humid seasons.

A basement dehumidifier isn’t always necessary, but they do help maintain a dry and healthy living environment, especially in areas prone to high humidity or those with moisture issues.

The noise level of a basement dehumidifier varies depending on the model and its settings. Some units may produce a lot of noise during operation, while modern dehumidifiers operate more quietly, particularly at lower fan speeds.

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