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Water in Your Basement

Water leakage can destroy floors, drywall, and foundations in your basement, resulting in costly repair bills.

Thankfully, The Basement Guys is here to help! We’ll identify the cause of water in your basement and provide bespoke basement waterproofing solutions that fix this problem for good.

Learn why you might have water in your basement and how to fix this issue before it gets worse.

What Are the Signs of a Wet Basement?

Basement water problems range from minor leaks to significant flooding. Call in the experts if you notice any of these signs:

  • A musty smell
  • Mold
  • High humidity levels
  • Wet basement walls 
  • White powder on walls
  • Property damage 

In some cases, water in your basement can affect your property’s structural integrity, impacting the value of your home and putting your family’s safety at risk. That’s why you need a professional to address basement water issues immediately.

Why Do You Have Water in Your Basement?

A wet basement can happen for many reasons, including:

  • Weather: Excessive rainfall or melting snow can overwhelm your drainage system, causing groundwater to enter your basement. 
  • Inadequate Drainage: Ineffective drainage systems might not divert water from your foundation. 
  • Improper Grading: Inferior landscaping can direct water toward your property’s foundation. 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Saturated expansive soils can exert hydrostatic pressure on walls, leading to leaks and cracks.
  • Wall Construction: Weak and poorly installed concrete walls can absorb water, resulting in basement water leaks. 
  • Window Leaks: Old or damaged windows can cause water to enter your basement. 
  • Internal Leaks: Leaks from plumbing, appliances, and broken sump pumps can also cause water to accumulate in your basement. 

It can be difficult to identify the reason for your wet basement. So let The Basement Guys carry out a professional inspection to see what’s causing the problem.

Can You Fix a Wet Basement?

Trying to waterproof your basement with towels and sealants from the grocery store won’t work! You need an expert like The Basement Guys to identify where water is coming from and stop it from returning.

How We Resolve Basement Water Problems in Ohio

Our experienced professionals fix basement water problems in the following ways:


We’ll conduct a free and comprehensive inspection to pinpoint the source of your basement water issue and talk to you about different repair options.

Interior Drains

Our team will install our AquaStop™ BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System to move leaking water into a sump pump.

Sump Pumps

Next, we’ll place our AquaStop™ Sump Pump System at the lowest point in your basement to collect and remove water quickly.

Outdoor Sump Pump Discharge Line Attachment

We’ll use our cutting-edge FreezeGuard™ attachment to prevent blocked or frozen discharge lines and redirect water from your basement.


Our AquaStop™ Basement Air System helps us control moisture levels, get rid of nasty odors, and prevent mold growth.

Wall Vapor Barriers

Finally, we’ll use our WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier to stop vapor intrusion and channel water away from your basement.

We also specialize in additional repair techniques, such as wall anchors and carbon fiber straps, to strengthen your basement walls.

As you can see, we provide a complete basement waterproofing solution that’s far more effective than a quick fix.

Why Is It Important to Fix a Wet Basement Quickly?

The earlier you address water in your basement, the better. Ignoring this issue can lead to:

  • Health Problems: Mold and mildew affect air quality in your home, jeopardizing your family’s health.  
  • Structural Deterioration: Water damage impacts the structural foundations of your property. 
  • Property Damage: Water destroys the items you store in your basement. 
  • Devaluation: Severe water issues lower the value of your home. 
  • Escalating Repair Costs: Not fixing a wet basement immediately leads to other issues, increasing repair costs.

Contact The Basement Guys for Reliable Custom Waterproofing Solutions

Water in your basement might not seem like a big deal right now. However, dealing with this issue as soon as possible could prevent property damage and safeguard your family’s health.

So why not get a free, no-obligation inspection from The Basement Guys? We serve homeowners across Ohio with basement water problems and can create a custom waterproofing solution based on your unique needs.


Yes, water in your basement is a problem. Basement water leads to damage, like cracks, mold growth, wood rot, and a weakened foundation. If you notice wood rot in your basement, contact The Basement Guys® for a free inspection to remedy the underlying concerns.

Yes, water in your basement is dangerous. Standing water leads to mold growth, which triggers respiratory problems. Additionally, persistent moisture weakens your foundation and compromises the structural integrity of your home. Contact The Basement Guys® for a free basement inspection to accurately address water issues.

DIY basement water removal methods are only effective based on the severity of water and the source of the leaks. Minor leaks might be manageable with DIY solutions, but flooding or pooling likely requires a basement waterproofing expert. Address the issue promptly to minimize damage and ensure your home’s safety and structural stability. Contact The Basement Guys® for a free inspection.

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