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Reasons To Remodel

Turn Your Basement in Ohio into a Drier, Healthier, and More Comfortable Living Space

Photo of a completed basement after a basement finishing project.

Do you suffer from allergies in your home? Or have trouble breathing? It could be the materials used in your basement’s construction — perhaps wood studs, fiberglass, or gypsum boards. All these materials are vulnerable to moisture intrusion, which can cause mold to grow. That can impact your and your family’s health. 

Remodeling your basement improves the safety of your downstairs space and creates a healthier environment for your loved ones. But you’ll need a basement finishing and remodeling company that uses the right products. That way, your home won’t attract mold and moisture or deteriorate over time. 

The Basement Guys has served the Greater Cleveland metro area for over 20 years, providing the highest-quality basement materials and customer service. Call us today for a free estimate.

Take a look at the reasons to remodel your basement below!

Before and After

Brunswick, OH

Richfield, OH

Before photo of a basement remodel in Brunswick.


After photo of a basement remodel in Brunswick.


Before photo of a basement remodel in Richfield, OH.



Maple Heights, OH

Eastlake, OH

Before photo of a basement remodel in Maple Heights.



Before photo of a basement remodel in Eastlake.


After photo of a basement remodel in Eastlake.


Uniontown, OH

West Mifflin, OH

Before photo of a laundry room remodel in Uniontown.


After photo of a laundry room remodel in Uniontown.


Before photo of bathroom remodel in West Mifflin


After photo of bathroom remodel


4 Reasons to Remodel Your Basement in Ohio

  • Eliminate moisture and mold: The Basement Guys know how to keep your downstairs space dry. Our basement finishing products — including wall panels, molding, flooring, and ceiling tiles — are waterproof, preventing moisture and mold growth. Let us create a healthy and durable basement with the latest water and mold-resistant materials!
  • Maximize interior space: Remodeling your basement creates a floor of quiet, private space for much less than it costs to extend your home. Plus, unlike an addition, basement remodeling won’t decrease the size of your yard.
  • Excellent return on investment: Letting professionals finish part or all of your basement might increase your home’s worth. Basement remodeling and refinishing can be just as lucrative as a new kitchen or bathroom.
  • Energy savings: Many unfinished basements don’t have enough insulation, allowing air to enter a property. Insulating your space and adding super-efficient windows makes your home more comfortable and could save you money on energy bills. You might even qualify for rebates for certain energy upgrades.

Contact The Basement Guys to Transform Your Basement

Reasons to remodel your basement include more space, lower energy bills, and moisture control. Our basement finishing services and remodeling solutions help you make this area of your home a safer place for you and your family. Contact us to schedule an on-site inspection and free estimate!

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