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Design Ideas

Let us turn your design dreams into reality. Get the latest basement finishing ideas from The Basement Guys. 

Your basement is just as important as any other area of your home. So, how will you finish this space? Here at The Basement Guys, we’ve compiled eight design ideas we think you’ll love!

For over two decades, we’ve helped homeowners in Ohio with basement finishing. Now, we want to do the same for you! Contact us to learn more about our premium basement solutions. 

A theater in a basement.

Home Theater

Why not turn your basement into a fully functional screening room? Your family and friends can relax in this space and enjoy the latest movies. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

Built-in TV cabinetry will hide wires and store DVDs, while ceiling and wall sconce lights on separate switches let you control lighting when watching your favorite flicks. You can even place reclining lounge chairs in front of your TV with side tables for snacks and beverages. 

A bar in

Basement Bar

Transforming your basement into a bar lets you and your loved ones enjoy a drink together in the comfort of your home. You can install a neon sign to illuminate this space, add lots of seating, and keep your beverages cool in a mini-refrigerator. Adding a bathroom to your basement will prevent guests from having to travel upstairs. 

A gym in a finished basement.

Basement Gym

Why waste money on expensive gym memberships when you can train at home? Your basement’s concrete slab floor is the perfect surface for heavy weights and cardio equipment. Plus, you can add a small flat-screen TV to the wall to keep you entertained while you work out.

No gym would be complete without a health spa, so consider adding a bathroom or small sauna to your basement! 

Pool Hall

Placing a pool table in your downstairs space will make you the envy of all your neighbors! You can play a few games with your friends after a long day or brush up on your skills alone. 

Think about installing a stained glass light over your pool table to complete this basement look. You can also put other lights on dimmers to set the mood.   

Recording Studio

Do you have what it takes to be the next big thing in music? Equipping your basement with recording equipment lets you focus on your artistry in a secluded space. 

For the best results, install a basement door that gives you privacy and use sound-blocking materials to control noise. 

Home Office

A basement office is the perfect place to be more productive, whether you work from home or not. Glare-free overhead lights and good task lights will avoid eye strain in this area of your home. 

Enhance your new space further with ThermalDry® floor tiles, which provide an easy-to-clean surface that supports your desk and chair. 

A guest room in a finished basement.

Guest Room/In-Law Apartment

Extending your home can reduce the size of your yard, so consider turning your basement into an extra bedroom instead.

You’ll probably need at least one large window to meet building code requirements for a basement bedroom. We can help with our energy-efficient windows! Also, think about adding a bathroom or a small kitchen. 

A playroom in a finished basement.

Children’s Playroom

A basement play area provides your kids with additional space, giving the rest of your home a rest. 

Our powerful, impact-resistant wall panels are great for children who get a little overexcited with their toys. You might also be interested in our ThermalDry® carpet tiles that create a more comfortable basement floor and protect against stains, mold, and moisture damage. 

Start Your Basement Finishing Project With The Basement Guys

We can help you achieve any of the eight basement design ideas above and turn your downstairs space into a more practical and livable area. Schedule a free estimate!

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