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Basement Finishing Do’s and Don’ts

Pro tips from The Basement Guys — Your Trusted Basement Finishing Experts

There are lots of things to consider when finishing your basement, from checking local building regulations to choosing the right design options. That’s why working with a professional basement finishing expert is such a good idea. You can create the basement you’ve always wanted and ensure you get a high-quality space that provides value for money and complies with the law.

For over two decades, The Basement Guys has specialized in basement finishing solutions for homeowners in the Greater Cleveland metro area. Schedule a free consultation and on-site estimate with us now! 

Check out our basement finishing do’s and don’t below.

3 Basement Finishing Do’s

  • Do understand local building codes
    Different jurisdictions have different building regulations, so check with your local government before finishing your basement. The Basement Guys help homeowners in our service areas navigate the law, offering peace of mind.
  • Do highlight the positive areas of your basement
    You can’t make use of natural light in a basement, but you can certainly utilize the amount of floor space available in this area of your home. Our professionals know how to get the most out of your basement area so it provides more value to your family. 
  • Do consider different design options
    You can turn your basement into almost anything you like, including a theater, gym, or extra bedroom. We have several basement finishing design ideas that you’ll love. 

Basement Finishing Don’ts

  • Don’t overlook the details
    There are many aspects of basement finishing that you might not think about, such as columns, joists, and trim. Discussing these factors with a local expert can help create a more attractive and durable space. Another consideration is lighting. We offer design options for specific light features that transform your basement. 
  • Don’t stress out over the small things
    Start by thinking about your basement’s design as a whole before worrying about furniture, pictures, and other decorative items. Our software will give you an accurate depiction of what your finished basement will look like, and you can figure out the smaller details at a later date! All our walls, ceilings, and floors prevent mold, rot, and moisture and have neutral appearances, making it easy to decorate this space any way you like. 
  • Don’t doubt this investment
    Sure, basement finishing costs money. However, you could generate a return by adding value to your home. A finished basement is an investment that you don’t need to question! 

Get Superior Basement Finishing Services From The Basement Guys

The basement finishing do’s and don’ts above can help create a more compliant, well-thought-out, and beautiful downstairs space. Working with local specialists like The Basement Guys will lead to even more successful results. Contact us for a free estimate for your project today. 

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