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The New Carbon Fiber Wall Support System Provides an Effective Solution for Walls Bowed by Basement Water Problems

Carbon Fiber Wall Support System

Cracked, bowed basement walls are a source of numerous problems. Bowed walls are an indication that the structural integrity of the foundation has been compromised. If that is not alarming enough, the cracks caused by the shifting walls create pathways for water to enter the basement –thus creating additional problems.

In the past, bowed basement walls were repaired by one of several methods. Wall tie backs, beams (including stationary and powered), and dig and push methods are often employed. While these methods can prevent further bowing of basement walls or can provide stability to a bowed wall, these methods do not straighten the bowed walls. Furthermore, these methods can cause the concrete block of a foundation to crack and crumble.

The development of carbon fiber materials have added another option for the repair of bowed basement walls. However, not all carbon fiber repair systems are the same. Certain carbon fiber systems such as sheets, plates and weaves do not secure to the sill plate or floor, therefore, they do not provide the support needed to withstand the hydrostatic pressure from outside soil moisture. This can ultimately cause further damage to the basement walls and more potential for basement water issues. The patented Rhino® Carbon Fiber Wall Support system is different because it links the foundation base with the house framing to provide exceptional strength! Additionally, by securing the carbon fiber system to the foundation wall, the outside pressure is evenly distributed and deterioration does not occur.

Carbon Fiber System Diagram

In contrast to other methods, the Rhino® Carbon Fiber system installs easily and with minimal intrusiveness. Additionally, the system installs flush to the basement wall. Not only is this visually more appealing than a steel beam or other basement wall correction system, but the low profile of the Rhino® system leaves the basement walls ready to paint for a great finished look.

If your basement walls have been affected by basement moisture, hiring a contractor who can address the source of the problem and provide effective solutions is essential. As experts in basement waterproofing, all manners of foundation repair and basement refinishing, The Basement Guys® are the source for basement needs. Their experts have been helping homeowners in the Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati Ohio areas for decades. To learn how the patented Rhino® Carbon Fiber Wall Support system can help address your bowed basement walls, contact The Basement Guys® at 1-614-930-6919.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017
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