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Spring Rain Can Cause Basement Flooding: How to Protect Your Home

Basement Flooding

April showers can bring more than May flowers. The frequent rains that characterize spring in Cleveland can also cause problems in a home’s basement. While any home can be prone to water intrusion, there are certain factors which definitely increase the likeliness of water entering the basement.

Obviously, visual and structural deficits such as cracked basement walls and cracked basement floors create channels for water to enter a basement. These cracks are typically caused by hydrostatic pressure, which is the pressure water the soil exerts on a home’s basement foundation. Additionally, increased hydrostatic pressure is also associated with inadequate grading around a foundation – another key cause of basement flooding. Ineffective or damaged roof drainage systems also allow water to accumulate around a home’s foundation and cause water to seep into the basement through the porous concrete foundation. Ponding water near the foundation can lead to foundation cracks and damage – thus making more pathways for water to enter.

Even if a home does not have visible signs of cracks or other conduits for water to enter, there may still be a basement water problem. A basement can have some subtle signs of water damage that people should be aware of. By taking the time to look for the following signs of water problems in your basement, you can take actions to prevent major issues:

Efflorescence – mineral deposits that are left behind when water dries. Look for a white or sometimes grayish, chalky material on the floors, walls and other surfaces.
Stains – examine the wall areas near the floor. Stains or discoloration could be signs of water problems.
Rust – rust may be present on concrete floors and carpet. Excess moisture typically causes the metal feet on furniture, nails and carpet tacks to rust.
Mold – this is a visual indication of a water problem.
Bad odor
Odor - excess moisture in a basement often brings an unmistakable musty or damp smell.

Identifying and understanding the ways in which water can enter a basement and the signs of a basement water issue are important. However, in order to correct a known or suspected water problem in your basement, having your basement waterproofed is a must. Basement waterproofing refers to techniques used to prevent the infiltration of water into a home. There are many different methods of addressing a known water issue or preventing one. Contacting an experienced basement contractor is essential to find a custom solution that meets your particular home’s needs. In the Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA areas, The Basement Guys® have been providing tailored solutions to basement problems for over a decade. Their experience and knowledge have been helping people in the Central Ohio areas find custom basement waterproofing solutions. If you recognize signs of water problems in your basement or want to take the essential proactive step of preventing one, contact The Basement Guys® at 1-614-930-6919.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017
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