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DIY Basement Waterproofing Can Sometimes Make Matters Worse

DIY Basement Waterproofing

Basement water damage is not only limited to older homes. Whether it is an obvious and surprising basement flood or more subtle signs of a water issue, including stains, rust or musty odor, many homeowners are discovering water issues in their basements. Basement waterproofing is the best method of addressing a known water issue or preventing one. However, if not done properly, a poor do-it-yourself waterproofing job could actually make matters worse. Additionally, if you decide to hire a basement waterproofing contractor but fail to perform your due diligence regarding their competence, the results could be similarly devastating.

While many people have performed waterproofing techniques in their own homes, most people lack the extensive knowledge of the factors that can contribute to basement water issues. For example, many homeowners eagerly apply an interior basement waterproofing sealant in the hopes of addressing basement water issues. However, some homeowners find that an interior sealant alone is not sufficient to address most basement moisture problems. This is because an interior sealant alone does not address the most common sources of basement moisture. These include:

  • Cracks or other structural damage of the basement walls or floors
  • Inadequate grading of the soil around a home’s foundation
  • Poor or ineffective roof drainage
  • Ineffective drain tile or sump pit

Water damage typically occurs from the outside (foundation) walls in; therefore, application of an interior sealant does not address the source. The reality is that if the source or sources of a basement water issue are not identified and addressed, most measures of waterproofing will be ineffective.

Additionally, many homeowners are not aware that the conditions in which their home was built can affect the likelihood of experiencing a water problem in their basement. Sometimes soil surrounding a foundation is not graded away from the house and at times may even grade downward toward the house. This can cause water to pool along the foundation walls, causing seepage into the basement, cracks and other foundation damage. While many homeowners are surprised to discover water issues in their basements, not all homeowners get their water issues successfully addressed. Homeowners who try to address their basement water issues by applying an interior sealant or other do-it-yourself waterproofing may actually be causing further problems by ignoring the source of the water problem.

Effective basement waterproofing requires a total systems approach and individuals who are experienced in how these systems interact to affect the infiltration of water into a basement. In the Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati Ohio areas, The Basement Guys® are experts in the causes and solutions of basement water issues. Their exclusive, patent-pending basement waterproofing system is guaranteed to be 100% effective for the life of your home. To get started, contact The Basement Guys® at 1-614-930-6919.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017
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