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Basement Waterproofing Not Only Leads to a Dry Basement but a Stronger Foundation

Cracked Foundation Often homeowners may dismiss potential problems in their basement. From small cracks in the basement walls or floor to a musty odor, homeowners may think that these are normal basement conditions. These are signs of a basement water issue and should always be taken seriously. Moisture can cause damage to a basement and ignoring these conditions can potentially lead to serious issues including flooding, property and structural damage and mold growth – all of which can lower your home’s value and be very costly to address. In addition to basement flooding and damage, water issues can also negatively impact a home’s foundation. Soil which surrounds a residential foundation is generally more porous than the surrounding soils. When water is allowed to pool and saturate these soils, the resulting hydrostatic pressure (water pressure) can push foundation walls inward. This can lead to foundation cracks and bowing basement walls. Both of these conditions create pathways for water to enter and cause more damage. Water can also cause erosion of the soils beneath and surrounding the foundation causing foundation settlement and shifting. This condition can lead to or exacerbate foundation cracks and bowing basement walls. Foundation Wall Cracks

Waterproofing acts as a protective shield to keep water from entering, thus protecting a home’s basement and foundation. There are a variety of methods and techniques used to waterproof a basement. The majority of methods involve the use of sealants applied either to the interior of the basement or the exterior foundation walls. In many cases however, a combination of methods is needed. The sole use of sealants, whether interior or exterior, is often ineffective as they do not address all of the causes of basement moisture, mainly hydrostatic pressure. Basement waterproofing methods often involve interior drainage systems to channel water away from the foundation and out from below the basement. Interior techniques can include drain tile and pump systems. Additionally, repairing or altering a home’s roof drainage system (gutters and downspouts) is also effective in moving water away from a foundation.

Moisture can cause serious damage to a home’s basement and foundation. While many homeowners believe that a little water in the basement may be okay, the reality is that any water is a sign of damage and needs to be corrected. Waterproofing is essential to stop water from entering a home and protecting its most essential elements – the foundation and basement. Contacting an experienced basement contractor is essential to find a custom solution that meets your particular home’s needs. The Basement Guys® have been providing tailored solutions to basement problems in the Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati Ohio areas for over a decade. Contact The Basement Guys® at 1-614-930-6919 to learn more on how you can keep your basement dry and protect your home’s foundation.

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Friday, 21 July 2017
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