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The New Carbon Fiber Wall Support System Provides an Effective Solution for Walls Bowed by Basement Water Problems

Cracked, bowed basement walls are a source of numerous problems. Bowed walls are an indication that the structural integrity of the foundation has been compromised. If that is not alarming enough, the cracks caused by the shifting walls create pathways for water to enter the basement –thus creating additional problems. In the past, bowed basement walls were repaired by one of several methods. Wall tie backs, beams (including stationary and powered), and dig and push methods are often employed. W...
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DIY Basement Waterproofing Can Sometimes Make Matters Worse

Basement water damage is not only limited to older homes. Whether it is an obvious and surprising basement flood or more subtle signs of a water issue, including stains, rust or musty odor, many homeowners are discovering water issues in their basements. Basement waterproofing is the best method of addressing a known water issue or preventing one. However, if not done properly, a poor do-it-yourself waterproofing job could actually make matters worse. Additionally, if you decide to hire a baseme...
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Basement Waterproofing Not Only Leads to a Dry Basement but a Stronger Foundation

Often homeowners may dismiss potential problems in their basement. From small cracks in the basement walls or floor to a musty odor, homeowners may think that these are normal basement conditions. These are signs of a basement water issue and should always be taken seriously. Moisture can cause damage to a basement and ignoring these conditions can potentially lead to serious issues including flooding, property and structural damage and mold growth – all of which can lower your home’s value and ...
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What to Expect When You Are Having Your Basement Waterproofed

A wet basement is not only an aggravation but may also be associated with costly repairs, decreased property value and even poor indoor air quality. Waterproofing your basement is the most effective way of addressing a known basement water issue and preventing water from infiltrating the basement in the future. If you have identified water in your basement or even have visible cracks in the basement walls or floor that may serve as future conduits for water, obtaining the assistance of an experi...
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Spring Rain Can Cause Basement Flooding: How to Protect Your Home

April showers can bring more than May flowers. The frequent rains that characterize spring in Cleveland can also cause problems in a home’s basement. While any home can be prone to water intrusion, there are certain factors which definitely increase the likeliness of water entering the basement. Obviously, visual and structural deficits such as cracked basement walls and cracked basement floors create channels for water to enter a basement. These cracks are typically caused by hydrostatic pressu...
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